Irish art has proved to be an excellent investment over the past decade. Quality works by leading Irish artists are now sought after by many collectors and investors alike.

The Irish Art Market has grown faster than any other international art market worldwide - Irish Art Review

The Eakin Gallery Armagh have over 25 years experience in advising clients of the best prospects for growth and which artists in our valued opinion offer the best investment potential.

In the past the Eakin Gallery have recommended to our customers such artists as Basil Blackshaw, Tom Carr, J B Vallely, Charles McAuley and Markey Robinson. We can show that there has been up to 900% increase in value of good examples of these artists in the last ten years.

To day the market has changed in that the above artists are extremely hard to acquire but nevertheless we can provide Irish artists whom we would recommend for the investor whether corporate, business or collector alike.

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